Blaster’s Happy Ending

Blaster with Matilka, one of the members of his adoptive family

One of our guinea pigs, Blaster, was recently adopted and is VERY happy! ACDC rescued Blaster along with six other guinea pigs that had been jammed into small cages where they couldn’t move. As a result, they were fighting with one another and Blaster’s ears were ripped. However, since ACDC rescued him and he was adopted, he is living the life of luxury with a very caring family!

Blaster’s adoptive family shared that he recently started making the traditional guinea pig sound, “aweek aweek,” meaning he has settled in and is very comfortable. His new family shared that he’s even been talking when someone walks by his cage or is holding him and said, “It’s neat to see his personality coming out.”

Many are not aware of the care these special creatures require, but Blaster’s new family did a great deal of research on guinea pig care. These are the kind of happy endings ACDC loves! Yeah for you, Blaster! Click here to see all the ACDC animals looking for homes.

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