Meet ACDC’s New Volunteer Coordinator

Evann and her husband, Steve, adopted their dog, Chief, from the Animal Coalition of Delaware County

Back in March, those who volunteer for the Animal Coalition of Delaware County probably noticed that they began hearing from Evann Gastaldo, ACDC’s new volunteer coordinator. Evann took over the ACDC Volunteer Coordinator position from Loren Ellis, who served for about three years. ACDC is so grateful to Loren for her service and thrilled that she continues to actively volunteer with ACDC in many ways.

Evann took over a big job from Loren and is quite an extraordinary volunteer herself. In addition to managing ACDC’s many volunteers, she coordinates the cat foster parents, volunteers at outreach events, serves on the marketing team, and fosters cats.

She has also adopted an ACDC dog and in fact, that is how she got involved with ACDC in the first place. “I wanted to give back to an organization that helped me get such a great dog in my life,” shares Evann. Evann’s dog, Chief (previously known as Billy Bob), a 55-pound hound mix, came to live with her and her husband, Steve, in November 2008. Three cats round out the family. Two are from ACDC, Simba and Bagheera (Bryce and Brayden originally). Evann and Steve’s third cat, Lando, was adopted from a Chicago shelter.

Volunteering with ACDC gives Evann the opportunity to feed her passion for animal welfare. “I’m one of those people who wants to save every kitty out there, but I know I can’t keep them all. As a foster parent, I have a fantastic opportunity to make sure someone else gives them a good home. Fostering lets me have ‘kitten time,’ but just temporarily—like a fun aunt! And it’s so amazing to look at that animal and know that without you, it might still be on the streets.”

Ever the Volunteer Coordinator, she concludes with a special message: “We need volunteers! That’s true for every organization trying to make a difference with limited resources. Without volunteers, we literally could not operate.” To learn more about volunteering, contact Evann at During National Volunteer Week, we salute the many caring individuals who share their time, talent, and treasure with ACDC!


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3 responses to “Meet ACDC’s New Volunteer Coordinator

  1. Margaret Berardinelli

    This is awesome! As someone to tried many years ago to be a volunteer at a shelter for kitties, but could not handle the emotional bonding and separating with the cats, I truly respect and admire those of you folks who can give so much of yourselves to all animals. These beloved creatures didn’t choose where they find themselves (abandoned and alone) and they can’t change or improve their circumstances alone…
    On a personal note, I’ve had the wonderful privilege of watching Evann grow into the amazing woman she is today. When my husband and I rescued about 18 feral cats (we had six of our own, too) at the beach in Ventura, CA (where we lived in the early 90’s), Evann was right there with us, helping out often in the huge “enclosure” he built for them in the backyard, much like you’d see at a zoo. We’d trap the feral cats have them spayed or neutered and vaccinated at our own expense so they wouldn’t repopulate the area. When the neighbors insisted this wasn’t enough; that they were going to kill the roaming cats anyway, we built a large enclosure off the house in part of the yard and managed to lure them all there.
    Evann showed the same love, tenderness, and devotion as a child that she does now, and these were feral cats!! They were shy and timid around humans and she befriended more than one, to the point they would actually rub against her and purr loudly. She was able to pet many of them also.
    I’ve learned so much from Ev, I am proud to be called her aunt! I will add the Animal Coalition of Delaware County to my list of charities we donate to regularly!

  2. We love Evann too, Margaret! She is such an asset to ACDC. Her positive energy and enthusiasm are contagious!

    • Margaret Berardinelli

      Well then, you understand completely, thank you…

      And, she’s not only great with the kitties… I didn’t even get into her love for: Her rats, mice, and Melvin, her lovebird PLUS our dozen or so birds, bunnies, and pups!

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