All In A Day’s Work

By Nikki Senecal
Recently rescued by the Animal Coalition of Delaware County (ACDC), Filina is a little Schnauzer/Yorkie mix. Upon her arrival to ACDC however, she was badly matted. Matting is a painful condition caused by lack of grooming—not only does it pinch the animal’s skin, it binds them. In some cases, dogs can’t move about as freely when they are matted. Eventually, it can become a serious health matter.

Enter Gina Newman of Daisy’s Delights Barkery, Boutique, and Bubble Bath in Ridley Park, PA, who volunteered her grooming services to ACDC. She gave Filina badly needed treatment. “She was such a sweetheart. You could tell that she appreciated being groomed,” Gina remembers. Gina has groomed many ACDC dogs, including Benny who is pictured above.

Gina began her business five years ago. Her move to a larger space afforded her the room she needed to provide new services and she became a certified groomer. It didn’t just make good business sense–she sees this as a natural progression. Her grandfather was a barber, and she often cut the hair of people before working with dogs.

She likes working with animals “because you can make them feel better.” At Daisy’s Delights, pets come first. Not only are dogs welcome in the store, but Gina uses aromatherapy to calm skittish dogs. Because of the store, Gina’s time is limited—in fact, I interviewed her while she was watching her two-year-old grandson. Grooming ACDC’s rescued dogs is a way for Gina to help the animals and further the cause. ACDC is so grateful to Gina for sharing her time and talent. It is people like Gina who make ACDC’s work possible!

Gina also knows a thing or two about adopting pets. When her beloved Daisy, for whom the store is named, passed away back in June, she vowed, “never again.” Recently, however, a new lab puppy rescued from Lancaster joined two dogs (and six cats) in the Newman home! Thanks for all you do for ACDC, Gina!


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3 responses to “All In A Day’s Work

  1. Thanks Niki! That was so nice of you. I truly do enjoy helping these pups!

  2. Vikki Edmond

    My Aunt is truly amazing. The amount of work she puts into her business is admirable. I have looked up to her my whole life, and this is one more reason. Thank you for writing such a wonderful piece about her.

  3. You are having so much fun and whoever guessed you’d be a barber too!

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