Oh Mickey You’re So Fine!

By Mandy Buhle

It has been said that cats have an innate ability to always land on their feet when they fall, no matter the height or angle. Here at Animal Coalition of Delaware County, we can proudly say that we have proven that to be a true statement! Don’t worry, we haven’t gone crazy and and started tossing cats out the window. We like to think that all cats will find a furever home, regardless of the circumstances. Mickey, a Himalayan rescued by ACDC, is such a cat. He came from a great home where he was well cared for by a woman who, due to illness, sadly became unable to care for herself or Mickey very well. As much as we all would hate to give up our own pets, sometimes misfortune happens and we are forced to make hard choices. The wonderful upside to Mickey’s story is that his owner loved him so much that she called ACDC and asked us to place him in a new home.   There are many options for rehoming a cat-some less savory than others, but by calling us, Mickey’s owner knew that Mickey would be cared for and loved until he found his next furever home, no matter how long it took. We are delighted she chose to share her adorable, beloved Mickey with us.

Mickey settled in with his foster family in their busy home, waiting for the crowds to beat a path to his door to offer him a furever home. Those gorgeous blue eyes and luscious blond locks attracted Megan Heistand and her family, who already had two cats. Megan herself grew up with a Himalayan, and missed the experience. “I told my husband for Christmas all I wanted was a Himalayan. I had one when I was growing up and he was the sweetest cat,” she wrote. Forget jewelry or a vacation! She found him on Petfinder and it was a match made in heaven. To them, he is their “sweet little puffball” and “such a sweetheart.” The best part could just be the wonderful relationship he is developing with the elder daughter, Maddi, age 8. Megan shares: “He follows my oldest all around the house, he waits for her in the window to come home from school each day and follows her around the house “talking” until she makes a fuss over him. He is also funny at night time, he know the kids bedtime and comes into the family room meowing like “time for bed”. He sleeps with my oldest for awhile and then comes downstairs to jump on my lap and get my attention now that the kids aren’t around.”

Animal lovers will usually tell you that growing up with a loving pet is the absolute best way to grow up, and Maddi and Mickey are no exception! It looks like Megan’s wonderful experience with her Himalayan as a child herself is replicating itself with her daughter. Himalayans are a cross between Persians and Siamese, inheriting the sociability from the Siamese and the famous fur from the Persians.  Mickey is also getting along well with the two other cats in the household. “He and my female cat Nala are becoming best buddies sleeping on the sofa together sharing a sunbeam and bathing each other,” adds Megan. Perfect! At ACDC we are always careful to make sure that adopters understand proper care of their new pet, including grooming habits for whatever animal they are adopting, and here it looks like their cat Nala is chipping in! Overall, the Heistands agree that Mickey is “the perfect addition …to our family.” We think the Heistands are the “purrfect” addition to our ACDC family and are so glad that Mickey brought them to us! What a lucky cat, indeed.

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