ACDC Teams Up With Make Mine Chocolate™ To Bring Awareness About the Reality of Easter Rabbit Adoptions

The Animal Coalition of Delaware County (ACDC) and Make Mine Chocolate™ are encouraging local residents to re-consider hasty rabbit adoptions this Easter season. Every year, pet rabbits are bought or rescued to be given as Easter gifts, only to be returned or dropped off at over-crowded humane societies or worse yet, abandoned outside to fight off predators, cars, injuries and illness. According to some estimates, 90 percent of rabbits brought into American homes for the spring holiday will end up euthanized. This unfortunate trend could be avoided with proper research and careful consideration. Rabbits make wonderful, loving pets but they are also fragile creatures that require some extra attention. And because of their fragility, rabbits are not recommended for households with small children. Easter-time marketing campaigns and movies like “Hop” may have parents thinking otherwise and that now is a perfect time to adopt a pet rabbit, but following are some tips and information to consider before choosing between a live animal or the Cadbury variety.

A Rabbits Life:

“Rabbits can live up to 10 years and require as much care and attention as dogs and cats,” says ACDC Rabbit Director Lori Busch. Along with this commitment come the daily requirements for exercise and grooming. Rabbits need several hours of daily exercise and should be provided with an exercise pen. Homes should also be rabbit-proof as rabbits have a natural instinct to chew. Rugs, drapes, table legs and electrical cords are all easy picking for a roaming rabbit. Rabbits also shed and unlike cats, hairballs can be a serious health risk. Owners should be prepared to brush their rabbit every day with a flea comb or slicker brush. Additionally, rabbits need to have their nails trimmed every eight weeks. Pet rabbits are very much companion animals and require daily love, attention, and playtime with their human counterparts.

Rabbits are famous for their reproductive abilities and can have multiple litters of up to nine young, known as “kittens”, each year. ACDC recommends spay and neutering for all of its adopted animals including rabbits. Altered rabbits are healthier and live longer by eliminating cancer and are less prone to aggression. Rabbits can begin reproducing as early as 4 months of age, so altering a rabbit as it reaches maturity will prevent a lifetime of overpopulation. An experienced rabbit veterinarian should always perform spaying and neutering and rabbits require annual vet check-ups to ensure proper health.

Rabbits are also ground-based, which is great for pet owners who prefer not to have pets on the countertops or jumping into the laps of houseguests, but it also means they may not enjoy being held in person’s (adult or child) arms for long-periods of time. also suggests that the “natural exuberance, rambunctiousness, and decibel-level of the average toddler is stressful for most rabbits.” Calm homes make for calm rabbits.

Rabbit Resources:

In addition the Animal Coalition of Delaware County website and blog, the House Rabbit Society offers a comprehensive guide to rabbit care and information. is also an excellent resource to bring awareness about springtime rabbit adoptions and ways to help.

What You Can Do:

There are several ways you can help, but prevention is the main thrust of the Make Mine Chocolate™ campaign. Awareness of what it means to own a rabbit for a pet, or any animal for that matter, is a huge step towards preventing unwanted and abandoned pets.

Other ways you can get involved are through our volunteer programs, through fostering, by donating and of course through adoption.

When you adopt through ACDC, you open up your home and lives not only to a pet truly in need of your care, but to a community invested in insuring a successful transition. Both you and your new family member will be apart of our caring and supportive community.


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2 responses to “ACDC Teams Up With Make Mine Chocolate™ To Bring Awareness About the Reality of Easter Rabbit Adoptions

  1. Bernice Marshall

    Snyder’s Ace Hardware on Pennell Road in Media (across from Barnaby’s of Aston) is again this year selling baby chicks and rabbits. Last year, I wrote them a letter and contacted the Delaware Coutny SPCA who sent their cruelty officer to the store to investigate. The store was in state guidelines re the age of the animals being sold. Therefore, the SPCA could not pursue the case further. Perhaps if ACDC also contacted the store, or if the volunteers wrote letters or visited the store, the pressue would lead them to halt the sale of these animals at Easter-time.

    • Lori (Rabbit Director)

      Yes, I heard about this situation. Thank you for caring. I called the Media store and was told the rabbits were at the Thorndale store but they could be “shipped” to the Media store if I wanted the rabbit. They guy didn’t know the sex as they were “too young to tell”. The rabbits were from a breeder. I will spread the word about this horrible situation. Hardware stores should stick to selling hardware, not living animals! Lori

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