PetStar Interview: Angelina Jolie

By Mandy Buhle

Hello all, today we have a very special guest with us here on PetStar. Please give a warm welcome to Angelina Jolie, one of our most favorite adoptable pets! She is fresh off her most recent outreach tour where she is premiering her latest project—herself! Come have a seat Angelina, we would love to have our audience meet you and get to know you better. You look gorgeous today, by the way, so fresh and sprightly!

Let’s get started with your background. Where did you come from and how did you find your way here to the Animal Coalition of Delaware County?
Well, PetStar, it’s a long story. No one knows my true roots, and I surely can’t tell! But I can tell you that I was a bit down on my luck in the Philadelphia Animal Control when two representatives of the dog department at ACDC came along and saw my true beauty shining through. There I was, the sorriest-looking thing—it’s true, I swear, though you’d never know it now of course! They saw my happy personality and the rest is Hollywood! They brought me to a wonderful foster home with playmates and attention, and I’ve been thrilled ever since. Of course, I am looking for my forever home—all so that the Coalition can continue to rescue wonderful dogs like me!

Did your recent tour of outreach events for the organization tire you out? A little bit at the end, but I love meeting new people and dogs so much that it’s probably my favorite thing to do, even if I do nap on the way home in the car! Everyone says I’m very friendly and that I even wiggle with excitement, but the way I see it, there are so many good people in the world, I want to meet them all—and I definitely want to meet “The One” who will fall in love with me and take me home for keeps!

Oh Angelina, we’re sure you will find “The One” soon. What does “The One” look like to you?
I think I’ll know it when I meet them (or when it meets me!). I’m very open. I love families with children, since I’ve been around my foster mom’s four year-old nephew and been praised for being gentle. Or I could live with a single person or a couple. As long as I get my share of the attention, I am happy!  

Now we have a few questions from the audience. What is your favorite thing to do?
Oh my, that’s such a big question! I am loving life outside of the shelter, and I am so grateful for a second chance! I have to tell you that my favorite thing is probably to snuggle. I admit it, I’m a snuggle bug. You know those early morning wake up snuggles and kisses that dogs are known for? I am dying to be in that situation!

Those wake up snuggles are probably one of the best things about co-habiting with a dog. I know! And it’s not just in the morning…I want to snuggle all of the time! I love giving kisses, and my foster mom taught me to give them on command. It’s one of my selling points. Everyone says I am a walking, wiggling love-fest. I don’t know about that, but I do know that I have a lot of love to give!

I can tell that you do, Angelina! You seem to have a lot of energy, am I right? Well, I definitely do quiet down. I do like my walks, since they’re good for physical and mental stimulation. My foster mom loves how I play with myself by throwing my toys and then pouncing on them like a cat. I just like to keep myself occupied, that’s all!

How are you with other dogs and cats? I love other dogs! I’m like the “dog whisperer,” I’m even great with scared dogs. Let me tell you, my foster mom’s sister brought her dog over, all scared and snapping, and within 20 minutes I had him playing and wrestling in the yard. If that’s not skill, I don’t know what is! I’m also a really caring dog. I like to groom other dogs and people, just to make sure they’re looking their best. Unfortunately, my not too many cats like my type of play.

Hey, if you can turn scared dogs into playing pups, that is some serious skill! That’s wonderful. Now, I hear you have a birthday coming up. Tell me about that! It’s true! I’ll be a year old on August 28th. I’m hoping to find a home soon so I can celebrate properly. I’m thinking champagne, fancy dog treats, some fuzzy slippers and tummy rubs… but I’ll be thrilled with whatever I get. It’s all good.

Could Angelina's Next Starring Role be in Your Family?

Well, there you have it, folks! That’s all we have time for tonight with Angelina from the Animal Coalition of Delaware County! If you think you would like to meet Angelina and take her home, please fill out an online application. In a couple of days, we’ll contact you about a meet and greet. Thank you so much for joining us tonight on PetStar, and we hope that we’ll see you next time! Thanks and have a great night!

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