Licensed to Bark

By Nikki Senecal

It’s a $300 fine to have an unlicensed dog.

When a sign to this effect went up at my local dog park, Chelsea’s guardian said that he hadn’t realized that the license is only good for the calendar year. It’s true: If you adopt and license a dog in October, the license must be renewed the following January. Mischief’s person asked about the variety of places you can get a license. Abby’s mom complained that the township tacked on .50 to process the county’s paperwork.

Everyone was interested in hearing more about Delaware County’s Lifetime License. If your dog is tattooed or microchipped, you can obtain a license that lasts a lifetime. For $31 (for the spayed or neutered; otherwise it’s $51) your license will never expire. If you figure your dog will last more than five years or that you will live in the county that long, it’s worth it! (It costs $6 to license a spayed or neutered dog annually.)

You’ll need to:

  • Pick up the form at the County Treasurer’s Office (201 West Front Street, Media). The form for this license is not available online.
  • Take the form and your dog to the vet. Fido’s doctor will have to scan the microchip or check the tattoo and sign off on the form.
  • Return the form to the County Treasurer’s Office.

How easy is that? You will have to keep close tabs on the paperwork because I’ve never met a dog who could look after its own tags.

Microchipping and tattoo numbers are a permanent alternative offered by most veterinarians, and are helpful if the dog’s collar slips off. Microchipping requires the insertion of a numbered chip underneath a pet’s shoulder blades. If lost, a veterinarian or humane worker can scan the chip and determine the pet’s owner. Microchip fees vary by veterinarians and range from $25 to $50 for a chip.

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