Responsibility and Lots of Fun

Many children convince their parents to get them a dog in order learn responsibility. That’s so for Dylan Young who is in charge of the family dog, Nero. Rescued as a stray, Nero is a four and a half year old pit-black lab mix.  Originally, it seemed like Nero may be a hard sell. With the Youngs, he has found the perfect forever home. When we wrote to Mom Terri, requesting an interview, she referred us to the dog’s main caretaker. We talked to Dylan about the dog his family rescued.

Have you always had a dog?

No. But I always wanted one!  I kept asking my mom but she always said no since we have two cats.

What attracted you to Nero?

The description of his personality seemed to fit our situation perfectly. I also love Labradors and pit bull terriers.

Tell us about Nero. What is he like? What are his quirks and charms?

Nero is different each day. Some days he’s full of energy, and ready to go for long walks; other days he likes to lie near me and make me rub his belly. One of the funniest stories about Nero is when he was in our back yard with a “squeaky bone” and he was tossing it in the air for himself, lapping the yard and making playful pounces on the squeaky toy.

Were you concerned about adopting an “older” dog?

We were a little hesitant about getting an older dog, but as soon as we met him, we knew he was the right dog for us.

In what ways has the adoption been most successful for you?

Having a dog in the family has made our lives a lot happier. Even when we are feeling down, Nero is always there to cheer us up!

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