Zippy’s New Home

Rabbits express joy by doing “binkies.” For those new to rabbits, binkies are when bunnies hop into the air often twisting midair and flicking their feet and heads. (Check out YouTube.) And since Zippy has gone to live with Amanda Mechlin and Mike Crowley in King of Prussia, he has been showboating not only with binkies but with his speed. “He likes it when we sit on the floor with him and he gets very excited and shows off.  He likes to come right up and let us pet him, and then he is off again! He is so fast!” says Amanda.

Zippy lives in Amanda and Mike’s living room where they can enjoy his company.  “It brings us so much joy to watch him run and hop around and do binkies.” When he’s not running around the room he likes to relax in a comfortable laid out position.

Amanda has always had and loved pets, which she feels are part of the family.  Growing up she had rabbits, “I always found them sweet and cute.”

When she saw Zippy’s profile, “I just fell in love with him.  I had never seen a rabbit with such unique colorings and a ‘lion’ mane!” When Amanda showed Zippy to her fiancé, Mike, he declared Zippy was “magnificent.” And the adoption process began.

Amanda describes Zippy as a “very charming little rabbit.” A fan of cilantro and romaine lettuce, Zippy also enjoys blueberries as a treat.

“I love spending our evenings with him. He has just made us so happy, and I can tell he is happy too!”

Amanda and Zippy

Please join the Animal Coalition of Delaware County in our support of the “Make Mine Chocolate Campaign” again this Easter. Rabbits, social but often fragile creatures, do not make good pets for small children.

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