Whatever Lola Wants…

A Rabbit Success Story

by Nikki Senecal

After finding a rabbit on Petfinder, Steven Calvanese and Kristen DiRado filled out the ACDC application. Lori, ACDC’s rabbit coordinator, contacted them with disappointing news. Three other families were interested in that particular rabbit. After a conversation where the affianced couple explained their lifestyle and pet ownership experiences, Lori suggested they meet Sally.  Kristen checked online for a photo of Sally, and fell in love with her coloring and her big, floppy ears.

“When we met her in person, her personality melted our hearts!  She immediately hopped up to me and Steven, happily greeted us, and then began playing without a care in the world.  She was very funny to watch, as she is extremely inquisitive. “

Growing up, Kristen had small animals, like hamsters, because of her allergies to cats and dogs.  Her family had rescued a very sick rabbit when she was young, and she noticed the fur didn’t bother her.  “Steven always had cats growing up, and I could tell he missed having a pet. “

Like many adopted pets, Sally has had a name change. After learning just how particular their new rabbit was, “we started calling her Lola; for whatever Lola wants, Lola gets!”

Lola receiving love in her new home.

Lola, Kristen says, is a character.  “She is determined and quite the risk-taker.  She is a champion hopper; one day I had turned around for a second, and then found her standing on top of her 30″ high house!  Although she looked very happy and proud, the thought of having to be rescued has stopped that from happening again.”  Lola likes to run up the stairs and dance and hop up and down the upstairs hallway.   After her bunny marathons, she likes to cuddle.  “If I lay on the floor, she’ll touch my nose to hers, lie down and fall asleep.  And no matter what she is doing, the minute you start petting those cheeks, she plops down and the world stops.  Of course stopping is not up to you; you get attacked by licks until you start again.”

Lola’s quite an ambassador as well. Kristen’s nieces are afraid of animals, but “It’s been nice to see my nieces interact with her.  We helped her by giving her a ‘furever’ home, but now she is helping my nieces understand animals more.”

Kristen recommends rabbits for those who have done research about rabbits and determined rabbits would fit with their lifestyle “Rabbits are not cats or dogs. Rabbits require space and attention.  But if you do your research, and love your bunny, you will be loved back, unconditionally.”

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One response to “Whatever Lola Wants…

  1. Susan Gallagher

    This is a great bunny story. I like that your nieces are getting to know your bunny and are less afraid of animals. Thank you for sharing your story.

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