An Incredible Journey

When Nancy Jones’s 11-year-old cat Puddy died suddenly and mysteriously, her Dunwoody neighbors put her in touch with another resident Connie who also had a cat die young for unknown reasons. When the two women talked about their losses, Connie asked if Nancy was interested in getting another cat. Connie, an ACDC volunteer, put Nancy in touch with the group. “Through the foster program, I knew I’d get a cat I knew something about rather than taking chances.” Nancy was looking for a cat “mellow and not too rambunctious.” Searching online, she found Lewey.

Lewey and Nancy are a perfect match!

Lewey and Nancy are a perfect match!

Lewey was discovered, sick and injured, in an abandoned farm by ACDC workers who were looking for stray cats. The community believed Lewey to be a mean feral tom. They had seen him limping around for months from a distance but no one in his neighborhood tried to help him. He had always kept his distance from people.

In addition to his bad limp, Lewey also sported a wound on his cheek. Rescuers worked diligently to entice him into a crate and into the hands of knowledgeable vets that could help him. He was started on antibiotics and, after devouring two cans of wet food, he settled into his new digs. He began purring shortly after. It quickly became clear this sweet guy was misunderstood by the community.

When he was neutered, veterinarians examined his hip; it was broken. Lewey received hip surgery with help from the doctors at Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital who discounted this very expensive surgery.  After six weeks of recovery, Lewey began getting his energy back and played with his foster mates. He was ready to find his forever home.

Nancy didn’t know about Lewey’s background. “But he was very friendly and outgoing,” Nancy says. “I thought he’d get along with my other cat, Kohl.” As we spoke, Lewey was sitting on the windowsill watching the birds. Nancy hopes he’ll be able to relax on her balcony (on a leash) come spring.

On Lewey’s first night in her home, Nancy kept Lewey separated from Kohl by leaving Lewey alone in the living room. Lewey, however, was insistent so Nancy slept on the sofa that first night. “He was happy once he had me close.” The second day Nancy had him, the phlebotomist came to visit. “Lewey stood on bed to help. He’s a sociable, personable cat. He’s very well socialized.”

He loves to play with his various toys. Nancy explains one unusual plaything Lewey adopted. “He came with a shipping carton, which is sitting in living room making a total mess of things! But I wanted him to have the toys he liked.”

Nancy and Puddy used to visit the patients confined to the medical area of Dunwoody, and Nancy hopes that Lewey will also join the “Pet Pals” program. “He’s a very sweet cat; he loves everybody. If he’s amenable, I’d like to get him out to see people.”

Lewey has come a long way from his early days avoiding people. It’s an incredible journey.

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  1. Loved the story of Nancy and Lewey. Both are lucky to have each other.

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