Great Dog, Bad Eyes

Jeeves, Red and White English Bulldog

Jeeves, Red and White English Bulldog

Jeeves, a red and white English bulldog, born January 2013, came to ACDC when his owner could no longer afford his required care.

Like other bulldogs, he needs to have his wrinkles cleaned daily.

Soccer obsessed like his countrymen, Jeeves loves balls and will kick them around the yard like he is playing soccer.  Although he loves playing with his toys, he has no problem if another person or dog takes it from him.

Jeeves’s foster parents describe him as having “good energy” because helps other more high-strung dogs as they walk together.  He is making a perfect nanny for puppies Brooklyn and Bronx. The puppies remain well-mannered and follow Jeeves around and mimic his calm energy. The puppies show their respect by licking his face clean, and Jeeves is patient with them in the process.  (Make no mistake, he’s a drooler.) He is friendly with everyone he meets, and therefore not much of a guard dog.  He is a bit stubborn when asked to sit (typical temperament) but he will sit and he comes when called. Unfortunately, Jeeves is not yet 100% house trained, but when he is on a schedule, there are no accidents.

A perfect nanny dog.

A perfect nanny dog.

Jeeves currently has a skin condition that requires special shampoo and twice weekly baths. Once he regains his health, Jeeves will require eye surgery.  Jeeves has a condition called entropion, which causes his lids to fold inward and his eyelashes to scratch his eyeballs. Although this is peculiar genetic defect requires surgery, the prognosis is very good. The surgery will cost about $1200.

You can help sponsor Jeeves by following this link: Sponsor Jeeves.

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