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ACDC Animal Updates!

Some of the animals ACDC rescues need a little extra TLC. Two of those animals that we recently took in to our foster care are Ginny and Hope. Here are updates on both of them:


The vet gives Ginny the first of several injections to treat her heartworm.

We’re happy to report that Ginny is doing well after her first injection of immiticide. We are treating her for heartworm and will continue to keep you posted!


ACDC rescued Hope last summer and has been caring for her ever since. We are treating her for head tilt syndrome and several other conditions.

While our Hope is doing well, she won’t ever be 100% fully recovered. ACDC continues to treat her. Her ACDC foster mom reports that in spite of her challenges, Hope is such a sweet, sweet bunny.

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Meet ACDC’s latest rescue: Ginny from Virginia!

Ginny was rescued from a shelter in rural Virginia and is being treated for Lyme disease and a heartworm infestation

Ginny is a very sweet, docile beagle/pointer mix who we rescued in partnership with The Animal Rescue Foundation of Southeastern Pennsylvania in January. She was rescued from a shelter in rural Virginia, where she was most likely surrendered because she’s too sweet to be a good hunting dog.

The dogs at the shelter where Ginny was rescued from have little chance of surviving without outside rescues coming in to help. Most of the dogs at the shelter are the “duds,” the hounds who didn’t hunt well.

Once Ginny arrived here in PA, we took her to the vet and found out that she has heartworm and Lyme disease. She is only a year old. Heartworm infestation, if left untreated, is always fatal. ACDC won’t let that happen.

Although we caught the heartworm infestation in the early stages, her treatment will take several months and be quite costly. If you are able to make a contribution to Ginny’s care, please click here. In the meantime, we will keep you posted on her condition here on our blog. Once Ginny has been treated for the heartworm and Lyme disease and is given a clean bill of health, she will be available for adoption through ACDC.

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Furever Homes: FOUND!

After 944 days in ACDC's foster care, Abner found his furever home!

For some reason, some of the animals being cared for by ACDC just take a long time to find their forever homes. We truly believe that each animal has a forever family out there and sometimes it just takes longer than others to find that family for each of our animals.

Recently, however, several of those animals that have been with us for a very long time—some more than two years—have found their forever families! Here are the stories of just two of those cats!

Abner: Adopted after 944 days in ACDC’s Foster Care!
Many of you know Abner. He has been in ACDC’s foster care for two and a half years. It’s anybody’s guess why a cat as adorable as Abner took so long to find his forever home. He’s a feisty social butterfly who only had one real drawback….his addiction to cat nip! However, when his new forever mom, Juli, saw Abner, it was love at first sight! “I chose Abner after one look at his picture. That’s all it took for me to fall in love with him and his playful spirit. He definitely is full of spirit and always keeps me entertained. I’m so happy to have him in my life.”

Adopted on January 10, Abner has adjusted to his new home and is as happy as can be. He gets along great with Juli’s 4-year-old son. Recently, Juli wrote, “Thank you so much for bringing us together. I just wanted to let you all know that I am so happy to have him in life. He always makes me laugh and is a blast to have around the house.” Way to go, Abner!!!

Maxine: Adopted after 281 days in ACDC’s Foster Care!
Maxine has been with ACDC since she was a baby. A former feral, she grew into a beautiful young lady while all the while her peers were being adopted as kittens—even her own sister found a home well before adulthood. Maxine did get adopted once but was returned—not because of anything she did wrong, but rather because the cat already living there, did not appreciate her fine qualities. So she sat and waited, and waited, and waited….

After 281 days in ACDC's foster care, Maxine found her furever home!

Enter her new mommy-to-be Bridget: She saw Maxine’s photo on the internet, read her story, and instantly applied to adopt her. When Bridget met Maxine, she fell in love all over again—it was a slam dunk! We couldn’t be happier for you, Maxine!

See all of the ACDC animals available for adoption.

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