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ACDC Teams Up With The Spayed Club to Offer Low-Cost Clinic

Animals receive the best possible care at The Spayed Club in Sharon Hill, PA

It is exciting for the Animal Coalition of Delaware County to be able to provide subsidized payment to the residents of Marcus Hook and assist in a Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic collaborative effort with The Spayed Club who performed the veterinary care.

For the past three years, volunteers from The Spayed Club and the Animal Coalition of Delaware County (ACDC) have been coordinating low-cost spay/neuter transport clinics for cat owners in Delaware County. We have been successful in Clifton Heights, Upper Darby, Chester, and Marcus Hook in past years. This year, we held a low-cost spay-neuter clinic in Colwyn on February 25, with the help of Mayor Rutland to spay/neuter 27 resident cats and most recently, on November 4 in Marcus Hook with the help of Mayor James D. Schiliro to spay/neuter 27 resident cats that might not otherwise have this service.

“Concentrated sterilization is the most efficient use of time, money, and effort to end animal homelessness and euthanasia” says Stephanie Swanton, who has been coordinating clinics for ACDC since 2005.

Community based efforts of providing education of the pet over population problem, offering reduced sterilization fees through subsidized clinics like this one in Marcus Hook, and having pet owners do their part by having their companion animals spayed/neutered assures that we are certainly making a dent in the pet overpopulation problem and reducing the number of stray and unwanted pets that may be euthanized at shelters due to overcapacity.

If you are interested in ACDC continuing to offer low-cost spay-neuter clinics like this one, consider making a tax-deductible donation to ACDC and indicate ‘S/N Clinic’ or ‘TNR.’ Your continuous support is deeply appreciated and enables the organization to continue its efforts to help homeless animals.


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Don’t Miss Our Fourth Annual Spayghetti Dinner – March 27!!

We will host our fourth annual Spayghetti Dinner & Silent Auction this Saturday, March 27! You won’t want to miss it! For only $25 (or $30 at the door — so buy your ticket now!), your ticket includes a full Italian meal (and not just Spaghetti—we’re talking baked ziti and desserts!). We are also having a DJ and Karaoke!!!!! This year, our silent auction has also gotten quite exciting with items including:

  • Philadelphia 76ers Box Seat Tickets
  • Signed Hockey Stick from Simon Gagne
  • Tickets to the Phillies Exhibition Game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on April 3
  • Photography session worth $550 with Essential Imagery (www.essentialimagery.net)
  • Gift certificates for local restaurants and businesses such as Iron Hill Brewery, Margaret Kuo’s, Daisy’s Delights (pet grooming gift certificate), and Traders Joe’s
  • Watercolor paintings from local artist Mike Bair
  • Antique crackle glass vases and accessories
  • Pampered Chef gift package
  • Dog and cat toys and accessories; and more.

Proceeds from this annual event benefit our pre-adoption spaying and neutering efforts. Every year, four million cats and dogs—about one every eight seconds—are euthanized simply because there is not enough room in animal shelters to care for them, nor are there enough homes for them. Failure to spay or neuter animals is what results in unwanted litters that it is not possible to care for. Spaying and neutering animals is the only permanent solution.

In addition to paying to have all of the animals adopted through ACDC spayed or neutered (if they are old enough at the time of their adoption), ACDC also sponsors low-cost spay neuter clinics in Delaware County. In December, ACDC held one in partnership with The Spayed Club for residents of Marcus Hook and just last month, they hosted one in Colwyn.

To purchase tickets for ACDC’s Spay-ghetti Dinner, click here or call 610-876-1479. Seating is limited so all are encouraged to buy tickets early.

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Meet ACDC’s latest rescue: Ginny from Virginia!

Ginny was rescued from a shelter in rural Virginia and is being treated for Lyme disease and a heartworm infestation

Ginny is a very sweet, docile beagle/pointer mix who we rescued in partnership with The Animal Rescue Foundation of Southeastern Pennsylvania in January. She was rescued from a shelter in rural Virginia, where she was most likely surrendered because she’s too sweet to be a good hunting dog.

The dogs at the shelter where Ginny was rescued from have little chance of surviving without outside rescues coming in to help. Most of the dogs at the shelter are the “duds,” the hounds who didn’t hunt well.

Once Ginny arrived here in PA, we took her to the vet and found out that she has heartworm and Lyme disease. She is only a year old. Heartworm infestation, if left untreated, is always fatal. ACDC won’t let that happen.

Although we caught the heartworm infestation in the early stages, her treatment will take several months and be quite costly. If you are able to make a contribution to Ginny’s care, please click here. In the meantime, we will keep you posted on her condition here on our blog. Once Ginny has been treated for the heartworm and Lyme disease and is given a clean bill of health, she will be available for adoption through ACDC.

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Animal Coalition Sponsors Low-Cost Clinic

Volunteers with the 45 cats that were spayed/neutered earlier this month for just $30 each thanks to the Animal Coalition, The Spayed Club, and the Marcus Hook Borough

On December 17, 45 cats from Marcus Hook were spayed or neutered, as well as given rabies and distemper vaccines for just $30 each thanks to the efforts of the Animal Coalition of Delaware County (ACDC), the Marcus Hook Borough, and The Spayed Club

In the Philadelphia region, 35,000 animals are put to death annually. The only reason that these perfectly healthy animals are subjected to this cruel fate is because there simply is not enough room in our animal shelters to care for them, nor are there enough homes for them.  

These are not just the offspring of homeless “street” animals—in many cases, these are the unwanted puppies, kittens, rabbits and guinea pigs of cherished family pets and even purebreds. If animals that are not spayed or neutered get loose, it is quite likely that they will mate with another animal and produce unwanted offspring.  

Failure to spay or neuter animals results in homelessness, misery, cruelty, and death. ACDC has been on the forefront of spaying and neutering efforts to reduce pet overpopulation since the organization was founded in 2004.  

“Even though we’re a small organization with limited resources, we work efficiently and proactively to reduce pet overpopulation by ensuring that fewer animals are relinquished to animal shelters,” says Steph Swanton, a member of ACDC’s Executive Committee.  

With ACDC subsidizing this cost, The Spayed Club providing their facility and staff, along with the support and forethought of Marcus Hooks’ Board of Health, the Marcus Hook residents were able to ensure that their cat was spayed or neutered and unable to produce unwanted offspring.

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