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Meet ACDC’s New Volunteer Coordinator

Evann and her husband, Steve, adopted their dog, Chief, from the Animal Coalition of Delaware County

Back in March, those who volunteer for the Animal Coalition of Delaware County probably noticed that they began hearing from Evann Gastaldo, ACDC’s new volunteer coordinator. Evann took over the ACDC Volunteer Coordinator position from Loren Ellis, who served for about three years. ACDC is so grateful to Loren for her service and thrilled that she continues to actively volunteer with ACDC in many ways.

Evann took over a big job from Loren and is quite an extraordinary volunteer herself. In addition to managing ACDC’s many volunteers, she coordinates the cat foster parents, volunteers at outreach events, serves on the marketing team, and fosters cats.

She has also adopted an ACDC dog and in fact, that is how she got involved with ACDC in the first place. “I wanted to give back to an organization that helped me get such a great dog in my life,” shares Evann. Evann’s dog, Chief (previously known as Billy Bob), a 55-pound hound mix, came to live with her and her husband, Steve, in November 2008. Three cats round out the family. Two are from ACDC, Simba and Bagheera (Bryce and Brayden originally). Evann and Steve’s third cat, Lando, was adopted from a Chicago shelter.

Volunteering with ACDC gives Evann the opportunity to feed her passion for animal welfare. “I’m one of those people who wants to save every kitty out there, but I know I can’t keep them all. As a foster parent, I have a fantastic opportunity to make sure someone else gives them a good home. Fostering lets me have ‘kitten time,’ but just temporarily—like a fun aunt! And it’s so amazing to look at that animal and know that without you, it might still be on the streets.”

Ever the Volunteer Coordinator, she concludes with a special message: “We need volunteers! That’s true for every organization trying to make a difference with limited resources. Without volunteers, we literally could not operate.” To learn more about volunteering, contact Evann at evann.gastaldo@gmail.com. During National Volunteer Week, we salute the many caring individuals who share their time, talent, and treasure with ACDC!


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Big Changes for a Little Guy

ACDC Foster Mom Jennifer Citrone with ChuChu, who she is currently fostering

“I want to provide Chu Chu with a fun, happy, positive environment while he is here—something he didn’t have before,” shares Animal Coalition of Delaware County (ACDC) Foster Mom Jennifer Citrone. At the moment, Jennifer is fostering Chu Chu, a tiny five-pound Chihuahua, who was found fending for himself in an abandoned apartment in North Philadelphia.

Chu Chu hadn’t been well cared for. For starters, when he was rescued, his nails were so long that they were almost growing back into his little paw pads. In addition, when Chu Chu arrived at Jennifer’s home, he was sneezing a bit and by the next day, his sneezing had gotten worse. He also began coughing. Jennifer took him to Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital, where he was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and given medication.

Animals like Chu Chu who are rescued by ACDC are cared for by an approved ACDC foster parent in that person’s own home 24/7. ACDC foster parents provide love, attention, socialization, food, and other essentials to their foster animals until their permanent, adoptive families are found. The cost of vet care for the animals is covered by the organization, not the foster parents. Chu Chu will stay with Jennifer until he is over his illness and then he will be available for adoption.

Things are definitely looking up for little Chu Chu and we are certain that he will have no trouble finding his furever family soon thanks to his devoted foster mom! “I love being able to provide dogs with a positive place to stay,” shares Jennifer, who has fostered three dogs for ACDC thus far. “ACDC is also one of the smaller organizations and every one involved genuinely cares for animals. We’re not in it for the money—we’re in it for the satisfaction of finding the animals we foster a wonderful new home.” Learn more about fostering for ACDC. To read more about Chu Chu, click here.

August Update: Chu Chu was adopted in May and is doing great. His new mom, who renamed him Tucker, reports that he has settled in fully to his new digs. He has his own little beds all over the house, as well as friends at the park across the street where they go for walks every day! Also, his adoptive mom shares that he goes everywhere with her in his doggy bag!

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