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ACDC Adoptables Strut Their Stuff at Seventh Annual Animal Law Conference

By Loren Ellis

The Animal Coalition of Delaware County (ACDC) recently participated in the Pennsylvania Bar Institute Animal Law Conference for the third year. Gail Griffin and I, ably assisted by Joe Boyle and Lori Busch on their breaks from work, manned the ACDC table. We brought three wonderful black kittens with us, as well as Curly, our senior cocker spaniel.  

Jimmy flirting with a conference attendee

Jimmy was the most vocal kitty. While the presenters were talking about hot topics for shelters and Pennsylvania wildlife law, Jimmy purred so loudly he turned heads half way across the conference room. Gail took him out of the crate so as not to disturb the speakers. He ate up the attention.

Then a woman from Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow asked to hold Jimmy and actually held and played with him at her table for much of the morning. After an afternoon nap, another exhibitor asked to hold him. There’s no doubt in my mind that Jimmy is a very bright kitty who knows how to work his magic and get attention.

Chevelle and his sister Corolla kept each other company in a crate of their own. Chevelle wasn’t quite sure if Corolla cleaned up enough for the special event, so he gave her a tongue bath during the early part of the conference. She was looking good by lunchtime when everyone came to see her. Gail took each kitty out of the crate for a little while, and they worked the crowd.

Curly behaved perfectly at the Law Conference!

Curly was a big hit at the conference. He greeted everyone and got along fine with the other dogs and cats, never once barking. He seemed intrigued by little Lucy the poodle from PAWS and pulled toward her a few times.

Curly helped us keep the room clean by picking up all the crumbs off the floor. He was a big fan of the muffin crumbs and bagel crumbs but did not care much for the all-vegan lunch. He was not the only one. Curly rode a freight elevator, probably for the first time ever, to get outside and do his business and was not deterred by what felt like an amusement park ride or the lack of grass in Center City. 

All in all it was an educational and fun day. Each of the four animals behaved incredibly well during this all-day event. We had the opportunity to showcase some of our great animals available for adoption, tell the public about ACDC, and spread the word about our upcoming bingo event.

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