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Great Dog, Bad Eyes

Jeeves, Red and White English Bulldog

Jeeves, Red and White English Bulldog

Jeeves, a red and white English bulldog, born January 2013, came to ACDC when his owner could no longer afford his required care.

Like other bulldogs, he needs to have his wrinkles cleaned daily.

Soccer obsessed like his countrymen, Jeeves loves balls and will kick them around the yard like he is playing soccer.  Although he loves playing with his toys, he has no problem if another person or dog takes it from him.

Jeeves’s foster parents describe him as having “good energy” because helps other more high-strung dogs as they walk together.  He is making a perfect nanny for puppies Brooklyn and Bronx. The puppies remain well-mannered and follow Jeeves around and mimic his calm energy. The puppies show their respect by licking his face clean, and Jeeves is patient with them in the process.  (Make no mistake, he’s a drooler.) He is friendly with everyone he meets, and therefore not much of a guard dog.  He is a bit stubborn when asked to sit (typical temperament) but he will sit and he comes when called. Unfortunately, Jeeves is not yet 100% house trained, but when he is on a schedule, there are no accidents.

A perfect nanny dog.

A perfect nanny dog.

Jeeves currently has a skin condition that requires special shampoo and twice weekly baths. Once he regains his health, Jeeves will require eye surgery.  Jeeves has a condition called entropion, which causes his lids to fold inward and his eyelashes to scratch his eyeballs. Although this is peculiar genetic defect requires surgery, the prognosis is very good. The surgery will cost about $1200.

You can help sponsor Jeeves by following this link: Sponsor Jeeves.

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Fosters Wanted

These Foster Families Hope You’ll Join Them in the Fight to Save Adoptable Animals

by Barb Natividad

Sven MemePet-lovers often wonder what kind of people are able to foster pets who are waiting for permanent homes. The answer: people just like you.

Her kids got Stephanie Anctil, who fosters dogs, involved as a foster parent. “My children wanted another dog. I was afraid they would lose interest, and I would end up caring for a new dog. So my cousin, Nikki Senecal, who works in communications with ACDC, suggested that we try fostering dogs instead. This way, my kids could get to experience many different dogs and see how much work is involved.”

Laurie Marshall, who fosters rabbits, also began fostering at the behest of her children: in her case, her daughter had a high school community service requirement. Laurie and her family had never had pets before–and Laurie points out that fostering can be a great fit for families that are currently pet-free. “Fostering is the perfect solution for people who don’t want a permanent pet. A big concern for parents is that kids will lose interest in a pet and then the parents have to take care of it. That is far less of a problem when fostering, plus a family can get a realistic sense of what’s involved in caring for a pet. I love the flexibility of being able to take a break between foster rabbits if needed, too.”

Fostering is also a great way for kids to learn about responsibility towards animals; Laurie’s daughter now pet sits for other rabbit owners. Even four-legged family members can get involved. Stephanie’s eight-year-old dog, Jet, is an important part of her family’s fostering solution. “Jet models good behavior on walks, in the car. He will correct the puppies much like a mother dog would.”

The time commitment for fostering is less than people might expect, says Kim Butler, who fosters cats and has been doing so for thirty years (even before she joined ACDC). She fosters cats while also caring for her own pets, although she keeps her own animals separate from the fosters. It may sound like she lives in a mansion, but Kim points out “you don’t need a lot of space for cats.”

So, if anyStellaball-Memeone can be a good fosterer, what makes someone successful at it? On that, Stephanie, Laurie, and Kim all agree: a good foster parent is someone who cares about animals, wants to be involved with them, and is willing to be patient, responsible, and consistent as they work with their new pets.

And these three foster parents also agree that the satisfaction that comes from seeing them adopted into a permanent home is ample reward. As Stephanie says, “It’s very rewarding when you make a good match between owner and dog and see a great friendship begin. My children have become attached to a few of our fosters, but once they meet the loving adoptive families, the kids are excited for the dog and his new family.” And Kim agrees, “the best part of fostering is finding a new home for the animals, and getting thank you e-mails from the new adopters.”

Interested in fostering an adoptable cat, dog, or rabbit? Attend ACDC’s information session September 10, 6:30 pm at the Newtown Square Library. RSVP:

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Sponsor Pip

Pip was found wandering the streets, severely underweight.

Pip was found wandering the streets, severely underweight.

Hurt, hungry, and scared, Pip the chihuahua was wandering the streets in the summer heat.  Luckily a local shelter brought him in, and friends from ACDC came to the rescue. Pip was set up with a loving foster home and brought to the vet.  This two year old boy was severely underweight, weighing only 3.6 pounds. In addition he could not use his front right leg. X-rays determined Pip’s leg was broken and he would need to wear a cast for the next four to six weeks. Pip will spend this time healing in his foster home, and this loving pup will be ready to meet his forever family sometime in August.  In the meantime, you can sponsor Pip here.


A trip to the vet diagnosed Pip's leg as broken.

A trip to the vet diagnosed Pip’s leg as broken.

Pip is recovering in his foster home.

Pip is recovering in his foster home.

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Upcoming Class in Bunny Basics

How to Care for Your Pet Rabbit

Rabbits are gentle, affectionate animals who thrive in calm, attentive homes. But they have specific needs to keep them healthy and happy, and they are not low-maintenance pets, as many people believe.

Einstein says come learn something new!

Einstein says come learn something new!

If you have–or will soon have–a special bunny in your life, please join us for this program (for adults and children 7 years and up). We’ll discuss rabbit behavior, care and supplies, and offer tips on how to choose–and where to find–the right bunny for your family.

Saturday, March 23rd 1:00–2:30 p.m.

Rocky Run YMCA
1299 West Baltimore Pike, Media, PA

This program is free and open to the public.
For more info: Call: 610-876-1479  •  Email:

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Flea Market–Call for Vendors

Not that kind of flea, silly.

Not that kind of flea, silly.

ACDC is sponsoring its First Annual Flea Market. Nestled in the idyllic – and iconic – rolling green that is Rose Tree Park in Delaware County, spaces are priced at a low $25 for 2 car spaces. This is going to be a well-advertised event as it will be advertised on Rose Tree’s marquee starting the last week of March. Held in the front parking lot off Rte 252, there promises to be plenty of drive-by traffic . Dates: Flea market 4/13, raindate 4/20. Hours: 8 a.m.-2 p.m., set-up at 7 a.m.; you must vacate the park by 3:30 p.m.

ACDC is a 501C3, all-volunteer. foster-based rescue for dogs, cats and rabbits. Since our inception in 2004, we have rescued over 2,000 animals. But our reach can only extend as far as our funding, and vet bills are skyrocketing. Your purchase of a space would be a tax deduction and greatly appreciated. Help us help those who are unable to help themselves.

We work hard to raise funds to provide the essential medical care for homeless animals. Before they are adopted out, every animal is spayed or neutered and fully vaccinated. In nearly 60% of our rescued animls cases additional vet care is needed.

Thank you for supporting our efforts. Information: 610-356-4083.

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Winterize Your Rabbit


Outdoor hutch rabbits suffer greatly, especially in extreme temperatures–hot or cold–and become susceptible to illness. Bring your bunnies inside and discover what wonderful, litter-trained pets rabbits can be.

If you’d like to learn more, ACDC rabbit counselors are always available to teach you everything you need to know!

In addition, ACDC will present Bunny Basics: How to Care for Your Pet Rabbit at the Rocky Run YMCA on Saturday, March 23rd from 1:00–2:30 p.m. Come learn all about these gentle, affectionate animals – and discover exactly what a rabbit needs to stay happy and healthy.

In addition to discussing topics such as rabbit behavior, proper care, housing options, and litter training, ACDC’s rabbit experts will demonstrate proper handling techniques and offer tips on how to choose the right rabbit for your family. There will be information sheets to take home and plenty of time for questions. Join us!

Rocky Run YMCA is located at 1299 West Baltimore Pike, Media, PA.

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A Happy Birthday All Around

Cat lover Sybilla with her birthday gifts.

Cat lover Sybilla with her birthday gifts.

Sybilla and her mom, Beth, love to visit the cats at ACDC’s Adoption Center at the Marple Crossroads PetSmart. But Sybilla is allergic to cats so they cannot bring one home. The pair like to think of the cats at the center as “their” cats. “Often times it is hard to leave them behind at the store,” Beth says.

When Sybilla turned 11 this January, she asked for cat food from her guests to donate to ACDC. And they really came through! This isn’t the first time she’s made such a request. Last year, her guests generously provided supplies for both cats and dogs. After finding out most of ACDC’s foster animals are cats, Sybilla and her mother decided to focus on them. Beth explains, “This is one way she can help all the wonderful cats we see at Petsmart.”

Happy Birthday, Sybilla, from all of us at ACDC! Many thanks to you and your guests.

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Whatever Lola Wants…

A Rabbit Success Story

by Nikki Senecal

After finding a rabbit on Petfinder, Steven Calvanese and Kristen DiRado filled out the ACDC application. Lori, ACDC’s rabbit coordinator, contacted them with disappointing news. Three other families were interested in that particular rabbit. After a conversation where the affianced couple explained their lifestyle and pet ownership experiences, Lori suggested they meet Sally.  Kristen checked online for a photo of Sally, and fell in love with her coloring and her big, floppy ears.

“When we met her in person, her personality melted our hearts!  She immediately hopped up to me and Steven, happily greeted us, and then began playing without a care in the world.  She was very funny to watch, as she is extremely inquisitive. “

Growing up, Kristen had small animals, like hamsters, because of her allergies to cats and dogs.  Her family had rescued a very sick rabbit when she was young, and she noticed the fur didn’t bother her.  “Steven always had cats growing up, and I could tell he missed having a pet. “

Like many adopted pets, Sally has had a name change. After learning just how particular their new rabbit was, “we started calling her Lola; for whatever Lola wants, Lola gets!”

Lola receiving love in her new home.

Lola, Kristen says, is a character.  “She is determined and quite the risk-taker.  She is a champion hopper; one day I had turned around for a second, and then found her standing on top of her 30″ high house!  Although she looked very happy and proud, the thought of having to be rescued has stopped that from happening again.”  Lola likes to run up the stairs and dance and hop up and down the upstairs hallway.   After her bunny marathons, she likes to cuddle.  “If I lay on the floor, she’ll touch my nose to hers, lie down and fall asleep.  And no matter what she is doing, the minute you start petting those cheeks, she plops down and the world stops.  Of course stopping is not up to you; you get attacked by licks until you start again.”

Lola’s quite an ambassador as well. Kristen’s nieces are afraid of animals, but “It’s been nice to see my nieces interact with her.  We helped her by giving her a ‘furever’ home, but now she is helping my nieces understand animals more.”

Kristen recommends rabbits for those who have done research about rabbits and determined rabbits would fit with their lifestyle “Rabbits are not cats or dogs. Rabbits require space and attention.  But if you do your research, and love your bunny, you will be loved back, unconditionally.”

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Paws ‘N Pints


Join us for a fundraiser at Taste of Key West


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Caring for Purrla Deen

by Nikki Senecal

Purrla Deen is ready for adoption.

Purrla Deen was in so much pain she stopped eating. Her teeth hurt, and she needed emergency dental surgery. After having six teeth pulled, she had to be syringe fed a liquid diet. Today, she is back on her special diabetic diet food, and she seems much happier. But her life has never been easy.

Purrla was found in a vacant house in Philadelphia by the new tenants. They took her to the veterinarian, for tests, got her spayed and vaccinated and tried to find her a new home without success. Ten months later, they relocated to New York but were unable to take Purrla along. Fortunately, she found her way to the Animal Coalition of Delaware County. Once there, she was diagnosed as diabetic, hence the special diet. For the better part of two years, she’s been on and off insulin while her foster care givers try to manage her blood glucose levels.

In many ways, she is a lucky cat. It is ACDC’s policy not to adopt out sick animals, but rather to treat them, getting their illnesses under control before our pets join their new homes. Of course, this takes money. If you would like to help cover the costs of surgeries like Purrla Deen’s, click here.

With her bad teeth removed, her foster mom thinks “she will start coming out of her shell a little more.” Even so, Purrla Deen tends to believe “she is the queen of everything and does not hesitate to let visitors know it.” She just got a cute lion cut and is ready for the next phase of her life, which she hopes will be uneventfully happy in a forever home.

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